A note from the artist

With the encouragement of friends, I started working on the artwork for my blocks a few years ago. My own kids are 1,4,6,8,10 and 11. I have a range of personalities from the rough and tumble boy, to the imaginative girlie girl, to the information junkie. I try to make my toys appeal to all of them. Being a mother of a lively bunch, I know that a good toy is one that is durable, easy to clean, educational, good looking and difficult to turn into a weapon! 

There's nothing more heartwarming to me as a mother than to see even my tiny toddler begin to cultivate a relationship with God. Good Christian toys bring Christ and His saints to the world of a child - the world of play. Christ's message of healing love and forgiveness for each of us is so beautiful, powerful and important that I want my kids to be surrounded by beautiful reminders of it throughout their day.  
I'm continuing my mission to create all the resources I wish existed to help families celebrate and learn about Christ throughout the year. In the future I hope to add coloring sheets and People of the Mass blocks, but I also have Liturgical Calendars and especially prayer books burning in my brain. Prayers please as I create more Catholic resources while also being the mom/wife I'm meant to be. You can follow me on my AlmondRod Toys facebook page to see what is in the works. Thanks for stopping by my shop and God bless! 

Lindsey Sanders

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